Qt Designer

 Qt Designer is the drag'n'drop GUI builder for the Qt family, it works with both Qt4 & 5, you pretty much get what it says on the box.

I found these to be good "getting started" tutorials.


Qt4, Qt5, QtQuick, QML, Qt Designer, Qt Creator

 OMG!  There are so many bits to Qt!!

 From what I can see, Qt4 is the current, predominantly used way of creating a GUI with the Qt toolkit.  Qt3 is still kicking around BTW.

 Qt5 is the "new" way to create a GUI.

 QtQuick appears to use QML to create "animated" GUIs.

 Qt Creator is a C++ IDE, it can be forced to work with Python, but why bother?  There are pleny of IDEs.

 Qt Designer is the drag'n'drop GUI builder for the Qt4 & 5 toolkits.

 This may change as I learn more.  

 BTW, I'm aware there are database bits, network bits, & many other bits not mentioned here.

In the beginning...

Long, long ago, in a land far, far away.

QtDesigner was installed.

sudo apt-get install qt4-designer libqt5designer5 python3-pyqt5 python3-pyqt4 libqt5sql5-sqlite

I'm focusing on Python3 & PyQt5 with a sqlite3 backend.  Python3 & sqlite3 seem plenty mature enough, well documented & plenty of examples.  PyQt5 I'm unsure about at this stage.

Have had a play with Kivy & found it wasn't quite what I was looking for.  I'm looking for click & drag, point & click type, high-level interface.

Had a play with GTK+3. Used Glade, got the proof of concept done. But, it was hard work!  Bumped in to lots of comment that "others" were porting to Qt. I.E.

I run Xfce4 which is GTK+2 based at this time, so I would have loved to keep it native.  But I want it to work, not build a better mousetrap. 
So off I went.


Don't follow me, I'm lost too...

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